10:56 p.m.

that's what time it is.

and i am just posting for the day.

internet was down all day. husband got it up and running tonight.

little girl is transitioning to a toddler bed and so wandered out a few times. baby boy is strangly wide awake. normally he is a sleeping champ. no time for myself today.

almost just posted from my phone but the battery almost dead so plugged it in instead.

that's the type of day i had.

however, i had a great day with my eating. stayed within my points even though i didn't track online like usual. i love ww e-tools so it was sorely missed today. i input everything in the evening. tomorrow i am weighing myself. i have to admit i am excited to see the results. made a recipe from my new cookbook. reserved a blog name for a place to post recipes. we will see how that turns out. mother-in-law taught me how to make her beans. they turned out awesome. for dinner i made homemade pizza. more on that later.

off to bed. husband is waiting. it is unusual for him to hit the sack before me.

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