Caution's in the Wind

Thanks to all you who congratualted me on the loss. It was an awesome week.

In coming clean, I feel like I have lost control the past two days. I can't really tell you why but I am figuring emotional eating and throwing caution to the wind when I eat something that I hadn't planned on.

Luckily, I had all my WPAs. I have pretty much used them all so I have rededicated myself for the next three days so that i can finish off the week OP.

Today, I have been good at sticking to my plan for the day. I feel great about it.

Also, thanks Roni for all your inspiration. I loved this Ask Roni. Watch it if you have a chance. I usually put it on it the background while I am checking all of your blogs.


Past the Gain


I had a feeling that my gain last week of 0.7 was a fluke but it feels great to know that it was. I stayed on track this week, but I was on track the week before too. I didn't do much different. I think just the ebb and flow of losing weight.

So I have surpassed the 25 lbs lost mark! Yeah! I am so proud of this. I have been so close the past few weeks I could taste it. So glad to be here!


Down Sizing

Just another sale that I forgot to share on the last post. Gap, Old Navy and Banana Republic are doing Friends and Family March 12 -15 and you can get 30% off your entire purchase and on top of that 5% goes to charity. I have picked Feed America as the charity that I would like proceeds to go to.

You can use it in store or online.

The online code is:


You need to print a barcode to use is in-store. I will send you an invite by email if you need a coupon. I can't really figure out how to post it here. Just leave your email in a comment or email me at d.fine09 {at} yahoo dot com and I will get it to you ASAP.

If you are in need of something the next size down, this would be a great way to get it. Save a little green and do a little good.


Dealing for the Deal

I hate hate hate shopping for clothes, especially jeans. truth be told, I usually buy one of the first pairs that I find that fit just to have it over with. I don't worry about then being a perfect fit. I usually worry more about the price. I never want to spend to much because I am always hoping that I don't have to wear them too long, always hoping to lose weight. I usually just snag some at Target while I am picking something else up, not because I especially like Target's jeans but out of pure convenience.

If I could pick a place to buy jeans, it would probably be Lane Bryant. I like how their jeans fit and I feel like they understand larger women. I haven't bought much from there in years because I don't think I had fully come to terms with my size and not wanting to drag the kids through the mall and try things on with them in tow. However, I love a good deal and plan on braving the mall this week.

Lane Bryant is having a sale this week on their jeans. I got a flyer in the mail that was intended for the previous resident. Their "right fit" jeans that are regularly $50 are on sale for $30. What a deal. That is what I paid for the last pair at Target.

Last night, I went through the closet and assessed the jean situation. All my pregnancy jeans are finally getting too big. This includes two non-pregnancy pairs that I wore almost the entire time I was pregnant from a larger time in my life. I have two pairs that I almost fit into meaning I can zip them up but they are not flattering one bit. Still too tight. I bought a pair (Target) last week that fit right now. I have several pairs of dress pants and khakis ranging is sizes 16 - 20 from my working days. Looks like I need at least one pair my current size and one a size down. I could buy smaller but I don't know how far ahead I should buy. Any direction would be appreciated!

So if you are ready to jean shop, this might be the week to do it. That is if you shop at Lane Bryant.

Man I can't wait until I don't shop there anymore!

Getting Off the Irk

So despite posting that I was over the gain this week, I have to come clean and admit that it actually irks me a bit. It has really motivated me to go the extra mile this week. I really hope that it will pay off.

What am I doing? Much more fruits and vegetables and less bread and chocolate. So far I have been doing it and it feels good.

I know I said that I would continue photo tracking, but I haven't been doing it fully. I have been taking pictures but not uploading them. I am doing a good job tracking without the photos so I am OK with it. I really love the WW etools tracker. I think that I will pic some of the best pictures once a week a post a collage.

I posted a new recipe on Eating Fine, Peach Pie Smoothie. It is something that I saw on Food Network. I also uploaded a bunch of other pictures of recent kitchen creations so hopefully I will get a few more posts up this week.

I have been spending a lot of time looking at all of your blogs. There is some great stuff out there, good thoughts and awesome recipes. Thanks for all the inspiration.

One person that I find myself really relating to lately is Roni. Oh how I love her and all that she has to share. I put her Ask Roni's on in the background to listen to when I am on the computer. This one is especially good. I loved all that she had to say about the slump and diet anxiety. I have totally been there. If you have a chance, listen to it.



Disappointing but I've moved on and forward.

Up .7 this week. I am happy that it was under a pound but would have been happier if it was a loss.

I was kind of expecting it or at least maintaining because of my daily scale habit.

So I have spent the day analyzing the whys of the gain,

  • Chocolate - Even though my chocolate choices were "healthier" options, they were too many and muc of them processed food.
  • Too few points - I do best when I eat all my points every day and eat about half of my WPA.
  • Exercise - No, not that I didn't exercise, but rather I did. I notice the weeks that I exercise, I gain. A little frustrating. It doesn't make me not want to exercise because regardless I know it is best for me. I haven't been eating my AP. I think I need too. It goes along with the above "Too Few Points".
  • Eating Away From Home - I had 2 luncheons and book club this week. I think that I am overestimating the point values of what I am eating. I try to be careful while I am there are still end up with crazy totals like 24 pt for lunch when most things were fairly healthy. I much prefer to eat at home.
  • You Lose Some, You Gain Some - An occassional small gain is bound to happen every once in a while. It is just important to keep my focus.

I'll take the gain. I'm OK with it. Maybe I have gained more than .7. I think that I gained a little perspective on the process of losing weight and be able to face the next time the scale reads higher.


Photo Tracking Continued

So after a little thought, I decided that I am going to continue photo tracking. It will be a lot less formal than it has been the last week, but I think that it is good to actually see what I eat.

I planned on posting last night but I laid down on the bed while we were putting the kids to bed and totally passed out. I was so tired and really needed the sleep.

Looking back at the days pictures, I ate a lot of chocolate. I remember craving it during the day and looks like I couldn't beat the craving and had to get a fix.

My creation

1. Breakfast Sandwich, Grapes & Yogurt
2. Fiber One Haystacks
3. Chex Mix Turtle Bar
4. Veggies and Crackers with Hummus
5. Fuze and another Chex Mix Turtle Bar (see the chocolate thing!)
6. Sloppy Turkey Joes, Cantaloupe & Salad with Ranch
7. Coconut Meringues (still testing but these came out really good.)

I think that I will continue posting my food here for the time being. I am sure I will move it over to Tracking Fine eventually.

Every Bite Challenge - I WON!

I can't believe it! I won the Questions for Dessert Every Bite Challenge. I am so excited!

I know people always say that they never win, but really, I NEVER win. In fact most blog contests I don't even enter figuring that I would never win so why bother. I know very negative, but honest. Well this has given me a new perspective:

You'll never win if you don't try!

I think that that is a good mantra for WW too! I need to remember that. The effort was totally worth it and thanks Krissie, I am that much more motivated now. I am looking forward to Everday Food magazine. I will have to try some of the recipes and post the results on Eating Fine.


Every Bite Challenge - Day 7

My creation

So yes, another gaping hole, right in the middle. I went to another luncheon today. This one for a friend's birthday. It was a great time and the food was delicous but 24 pts later, I realized I would have to be careful the rest of the day.

1. 1/2 Apple (.5) - No I don't usually peel my apples but the little girl won't eat the skin and wastes way to much fruit trying to eat around it, so I have caved to peeling apples.
2. Leftover Potatos with Chili, Crystal Light and a Multivitamin (4) I know, not really breakfast food but so easy to just heat up and very yummy.
3. The "Luncheon" (24) - I guessed a little on the high side, but better safe than sorry. Still can't bring myself to take a picture of my food while out. My husband gives me enough grief ab out it at home.
4. Low Cal Fuze and Chex Bar (2) - Shared the bar with the toddler. I had packed a few snacks because we were out of the house most of the day.
5. 4 oz Top Sirloin and a giant salad with spritzer (5) - I was down to 2 pts at dinner. I had already set out the steaks to thaw and the husband hadn't eaten much and was looking forward to them. I skipped the potatoes and just ate a huge salad instead. To be honest, I wasn't that hungry anyway.

Total - 35.5
Used 3.5 of WPA

So there it is, 7 days of tracking. Thanks Krissie at Questions for Dessert for the challenge. I liked doing it. Thinking about continuing. I might move it over to Tracking Fine, but who knows. I'll keep you posted.


Social Binging?

So two days, two luncheons and too much food.

Granted I have only gone over around 4 points each day (I have plenty of WPAs) but that it with a really light breakfast and dinner. Tonight I had a tiny tiny steak and a huge salad with spritzer because I was already at 30 pts for the day. Not fun, luckily I haven't been that hungry.

I am sure it is better for me if I eat the majority of my points for breakfast and lunch, but I have always been a big dinner kind of gal. It is strange to be keeping it so light.

Back to the luncheons. The food was delicious and both had healthy options. Day 1 I couldn't pass on the cornbread. A friend made it and she has the best recipe. I started with one slice to share with my little girl. That turned into another and I almost reached for a 3rd. It was so delicious!

Today, the luncheon was at the home of the girl who made the cornbread the day before. She knows that I am doing WW and is supportive. She had build your own sandwiches with fresh veggies from her garden. So wonderful. Almost makers me want to do a garden. Yes, almost. She had the most delicious fresh fruit salad. It had giant sweet strawberries, madarin orangesm kiwi and blueberries. However, she almost made my favorite spinach dip. She said that I was the reason she made it. She knew I loved it. I had a serving of that with some corn chips. She also always serves cheese and crackers. I usually go overboard but today I limited it to 1 slice of cheese and 2 crackers. I had about a cup of the fruit salad and a turkey and ham sandwich on a wheat chabata roll. Passed on the mayo but couldn't resist the munster cheese. That is something that I never splurge on for us. To top it off she had both lemon and chocolate cupcakes. I had a bite of my daughter's chocolate cupcake and a lemon one myself. I need to be better about not picking of my little girls plate. It adds up!

Well for all that above, I figure it was 24 pts. I am still thinking about how delicious it all was and how much I ate. It seems that I when it comes to social situations, I really overdo it. I have a hard time stopping. Home, that usually isn't as much of a problem. Tell me, why do I find it acceptable to socially binge?


Every Bite Challenge - Day 6

My creation

See that big gaping hole. That is the first picture that I have missed since photo tracking. I went to a luncheon at the home of a woman from church and the moment didn't seen right to break out my phone to take a picture. I might have been able to sneakily snap a shot but decided that it was that important. All the points were counted and I had a great time chatting with the other women that is what is really important.

I am feel kind of sick. Not sure if it is coming or going. The husband and both kids were really sick last week and I think it is the same thing. I hope it is on its way out and that I just got a mild case (or maybe I am just tougher!). It is really hard for me to plan ahead when I am feeling so so so crappy. It shows when you look at my photos.

1. Big Bowl Cereal with 1/2 of a Banana (6)
2. Apple (1)
3. ***Missing - large bowl of Green Chicken Chili (She is giving me the recipe and it is her award winning one. I'll see if she objects to me posting it here.) with a little cheese and light sour cream, cornbread that I split with daughter & the smallest sliver of cake you have ever seen. The dessert bar was a self serve and so I took the knife and basically shaved some cake off just so I could taste it. It was only one bite worth and was so delicious, blueberry buttermilk, but I didn't feel like I needed a whole slice. I guessed high on the points. (20)
4. Diet Fuze and a Turtle Chex Mix Bar (2) - Both purchases at Costco. I had to return my camera and picked up a few groceries. I had seen the turtle bars before but didn't bother looking at them because they looked to gooey and wonderful to be very WW friendly. I was so surprised when I saw on a WW board that they are only 2 pts. I double checked with my calculator and sure enough, 2 pts. Ate it in the car on the ride home and it was so wonderful.
5. Dinner- Subway Turkey on Wheat with no cheese, lots of veggies and mustard & an apple (6) You know I am sick when I send the husband out for food. I really try to cook a lot. It is better for us and saves lots of money but I just couldn't do it tonight.
6. Fiber One Chocolate Peanut Butter Haystack (1) Was craving something chocolatey.

Total - 36 pts
32 DPA

Pretty good considering I guessed high on lunch. I almost always go over on the day we have the luncheon each month. I have more than enough WPAs to spend.

Tomorrow one of my good friends is throwing a little mommy and me luncheon fora few of the little girls and their moms. She knows I am doing WW and it seems like there will definately be healthy options so I am not too worried aobut it. I think sandwiches, fruit and chips is what she said. She mentioned cupcakes because it is the birthday of one of the moms, but I am planning one in and will probably scrape off the frosting because I am not really a frosting person.

Now that I have a working camera again, I need to get back to the kitchen and try a few new things that I have been planning on trying. I will keep you posted.

Every Bite Challenge - Day 5

So I have spent my whole morning fighting with the mosaic maker on flickr. So frustrating. Also, my new camera has been giving me some troubles with the flash so I am going to return it today and get a new one. Thank goodness for Costco's awesome return policy.

Here is yesterday's menu. I have to admit that I didn't plan well and kind of ate on the fly, making sure I counted my points. I ended up with 3 extra points at the end of the day. Also, I need to remember: DON'T EAT CRACKERS STRAIGHT FROM THE BOX! Dumb mistake. I can't stop at the one or two I pull out the first time and keep dipping in.

My creation

1. Breakfast Sandwich & Multivitamin (3) - I didn't eat the banana. Openned it and it was disgusting inside. So disappointing.
2. Apple (1) - Substitute for the gross banana
3. Lunch (7) - I know this is a mess of a lunch but we were clearing out the leftovers. Stuffed mushroom, Pretzels with Mustard, String Cheese & and Haystack Cookie.
4. Daughter had some Ritz and kept sharing with me. It was mindless eating I am pretty sure I had less than a serving. (2)
5. Ritz openned appetite and kept sticking my hand in this box of crackers. I had around 20 crackers. (3)
6. Another haystack cookie (1)
7. Seasoned Baked Potato Wedges with Turkey Chili and Fixings & a Salad with Ranch (10)
8. Chocolate Black Raspberry Ice Cream Bar while joining in on the WW boards last night. (2)

Not a plan in sight up there but I was still able to stay within my points. We had a long night with the kids the night before and so it was great to lounge around the house and not worry about too much. The husband could tell that I was worn out and offered up cereal for dinner if I didn't feel like cooking but I figured that I needed a decent meal for the day. Didn't have time to bake the potatoes so these Seasoned Baked Potato Wedges were an awesome substitute.

Today I am going to a luncheon with some ladies from church. I never really know what is being served and I usually end up dipping into my WPA, but I guess that is exactly what they are there for.