Photo Tracking Continued

So after a little thought, I decided that I am going to continue photo tracking. It will be a lot less formal than it has been the last week, but I think that it is good to actually see what I eat.

I planned on posting last night but I laid down on the bed while we were putting the kids to bed and totally passed out. I was so tired and really needed the sleep.

Looking back at the days pictures, I ate a lot of chocolate. I remember craving it during the day and looks like I couldn't beat the craving and had to get a fix.

My creation

1. Breakfast Sandwich, Grapes & Yogurt
2. Fiber One Haystacks
3. Chex Mix Turtle Bar
4. Veggies and Crackers with Hummus
5. Fuze and another Chex Mix Turtle Bar (see the chocolate thing!)
6. Sloppy Turkey Joes, Cantaloupe & Salad with Ranch
7. Coconut Meringues (still testing but these came out really good.)

I think that I will continue posting my food here for the time being. I am sure I will move it over to Tracking Fine eventually.


  1. Love the piccies! :D Great foods, some days chocolate is what the body needs.

  2. Anonymous6.3.09

    Great pictures! What kind of camera do you have?

  3. I like this photo tracking! I had a chocolate day on Thursday. I don't know if making those haystacks was such a good idea... ;)

  4. Healthy Family
    Funny thing, these pictures were taken with my camera phone. Easier to track and downloas that way because it just syncs with my computer.

    The pictures on Eating Fine (www.eatfine09.com) are taken with my baby, a Nikon D60. I love it!

    I made them with dark chocolate and one was plenty. I think they would be delicious with white chocolate but I also know I could do some damage and eat all of them in one sitting so I am refraining.

    Try meringues. You can eat 10 or 12 depending on the brand for 2 pts. I am working on posting a recipe soon. I think the mint ones I made last night are winners. One recipe I saw said to add mini chocolate chips. You can also dust them with cocoa powder. I made some raspberry ones that I dusted with cocoa powder for Valentines and they were to die for. I will get my act together and post the recipe soon.


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