Disappointing but I've moved on and forward.

Up .7 this week. I am happy that it was under a pound but would have been happier if it was a loss.

I was kind of expecting it or at least maintaining because of my daily scale habit.

So I have spent the day analyzing the whys of the gain,

  • Chocolate - Even though my chocolate choices were "healthier" options, they were too many and muc of them processed food.
  • Too few points - I do best when I eat all my points every day and eat about half of my WPA.
  • Exercise - No, not that I didn't exercise, but rather I did. I notice the weeks that I exercise, I gain. A little frustrating. It doesn't make me not want to exercise because regardless I know it is best for me. I haven't been eating my AP. I think I need too. It goes along with the above "Too Few Points".
  • Eating Away From Home - I had 2 luncheons and book club this week. I think that I am overestimating the point values of what I am eating. I try to be careful while I am there are still end up with crazy totals like 24 pt for lunch when most things were fairly healthy. I much prefer to eat at home.
  • You Lose Some, You Gain Some - An occassional small gain is bound to happen every once in a while. It is just important to keep my focus.

I'll take the gain. I'm OK with it. Maybe I have gained more than .7. I think that I gained a little perspective on the process of losing weight and be able to face the next time the scale reads higher.


  1. Anonymous8.3.09

    It could be muscle! And just water! Hang in there!

  2. We usually know exactly why!!

  3. Thanks for the congrats! I know how you feel about a gain. It has happened to me in the past too and happens to all of us. It doesn't make it any easier to deal with. I agree with eating too few points. I had to force myself to eat all my points before, but that is very important to do. Have a good day!

  4. Thanks for the post on my blog :) We're in the same spot but I think the looking at the reason for the gain is always good. Our bodies are tricky with water gain that it's not even funny. Everything always tends to level out in the long run!


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