Every Bite Challenge - Day 6

My creation

See that big gaping hole. That is the first picture that I have missed since photo tracking. I went to a luncheon at the home of a woman from church and the moment didn't seen right to break out my phone to take a picture. I might have been able to sneakily snap a shot but decided that it was that important. All the points were counted and I had a great time chatting with the other women that is what is really important.

I am feel kind of sick. Not sure if it is coming or going. The husband and both kids were really sick last week and I think it is the same thing. I hope it is on its way out and that I just got a mild case (or maybe I am just tougher!). It is really hard for me to plan ahead when I am feeling so so so crappy. It shows when you look at my photos.

1. Big Bowl Cereal with 1/2 of a Banana (6)
2. Apple (1)
3. ***Missing - large bowl of Green Chicken Chili (She is giving me the recipe and it is her award winning one. I'll see if she objects to me posting it here.) with a little cheese and light sour cream, cornbread that I split with daughter & the smallest sliver of cake you have ever seen. The dessert bar was a self serve and so I took the knife and basically shaved some cake off just so I could taste it. It was only one bite worth and was so delicious, blueberry buttermilk, but I didn't feel like I needed a whole slice. I guessed high on the points. (20)
4. Diet Fuze and a Turtle Chex Mix Bar (2) - Both purchases at Costco. I had to return my camera and picked up a few groceries. I had seen the turtle bars before but didn't bother looking at them because they looked to gooey and wonderful to be very WW friendly. I was so surprised when I saw on a WW board that they are only 2 pts. I double checked with my calculator and sure enough, 2 pts. Ate it in the car on the ride home and it was so wonderful.
5. Dinner- Subway Turkey on Wheat with no cheese, lots of veggies and mustard & an apple (6) You know I am sick when I send the husband out for food. I really try to cook a lot. It is better for us and saves lots of money but I just couldn't do it tonight.
6. Fiber One Chocolate Peanut Butter Haystack (1) Was craving something chocolatey.

Total - 36 pts
32 DPA

Pretty good considering I guessed high on lunch. I almost always go over on the day we have the luncheon each month. I have more than enough WPAs to spend.

Tomorrow one of my good friends is throwing a little mommy and me luncheon fora few of the little girls and their moms. She knows I am doing WW and it seems like there will definately be healthy options so I am not too worried aobut it. I think sandwiches, fruit and chips is what she said. She mentioned cupcakes because it is the birthday of one of the moms, but I am planning one in and will probably scrape off the frosting because I am not really a frosting person.

Now that I have a working camera again, I need to get back to the kitchen and try a few new things that I have been planning on trying. I will keep you posted.


  1. I have places that i won't take pictures too!
    Have fun at the luncheon :)

  2. I watched the video on how to make those no bake cookies (it was kind of long for the short amount of ingredients) and they were really good. Probably a healthier alternative to my chocolate dipped pretzels! Didn't last too long though. 2 days I think. I made 9 and 3 of them went to family members so that means I ate 6 myself in 2 days. I was looking for something to make with my fiberone cereal though so that was great! Thx, Em


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