Every Bite Challenge - Day 5

So I have spent my whole morning fighting with the mosaic maker on flickr. So frustrating. Also, my new camera has been giving me some troubles with the flash so I am going to return it today and get a new one. Thank goodness for Costco's awesome return policy.

Here is yesterday's menu. I have to admit that I didn't plan well and kind of ate on the fly, making sure I counted my points. I ended up with 3 extra points at the end of the day. Also, I need to remember: DON'T EAT CRACKERS STRAIGHT FROM THE BOX! Dumb mistake. I can't stop at the one or two I pull out the first time and keep dipping in.

My creation

1. Breakfast Sandwich & Multivitamin (3) - I didn't eat the banana. Openned it and it was disgusting inside. So disappointing.
2. Apple (1) - Substitute for the gross banana
3. Lunch (7) - I know this is a mess of a lunch but we were clearing out the leftovers. Stuffed mushroom, Pretzels with Mustard, String Cheese & and Haystack Cookie.
4. Daughter had some Ritz and kept sharing with me. It was mindless eating I am pretty sure I had less than a serving. (2)
5. Ritz openned appetite and kept sticking my hand in this box of crackers. I had around 20 crackers. (3)
6. Another haystack cookie (1)
7. Seasoned Baked Potato Wedges with Turkey Chili and Fixings & a Salad with Ranch (10)
8. Chocolate Black Raspberry Ice Cream Bar while joining in on the WW boards last night. (2)

Not a plan in sight up there but I was still able to stay within my points. We had a long night with the kids the night before and so it was great to lounge around the house and not worry about too much. The husband could tell that I was worn out and offered up cereal for dinner if I didn't feel like cooking but I figured that I needed a decent meal for the day. Didn't have time to bake the potatoes so these Seasoned Baked Potato Wedges were an awesome substitute.

Today I am going to a luncheon with some ladies from church. I never really know what is being served and I usually end up dipping into my WPA, but I guess that is exactly what they are there for.

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