Every Bite Challenge - Day 4

My creation

1. Peach Pie Smoothie (via Ellie Kreiger) and Breakfast Sandwich (6)
2. Saturday Afternoon Picnic - Subway Ham and Turkey, Pretzels, Hummus & Carrots & Seltzer (9)
3. Airhead Sucker - Green Apple, tastes just like the chews (1)
4. Dark Chocolate Raspberry Almond True Delight Granola Bar - Got this as a free sample in the mail. It was really delicious! (3)
5. Stuffed Mushrooms (good, but the recipe still needs some work), Almond Onion Rice & Salad with Ranch (10)
6. Chocolate Raspberry Ice Cream Bar (2)

Total - 31

Had a great day as a family. We spent the morning at home relaxing and then when to a big park in the city to feed the ducks, have a picnic and play on the playground. Little girl had a great time and would have spent all day on the swing if we would have let her. She loved the ducks and was disappointed when we rant out of bread. I had been saving my ends for the ducks for a while now but n ow that I have switched to light bread, I save them for bread crumbs. I will have to keep an eye on day old for feeding the ducks next time.


  1. I saw your post on the WW boards, and thought I would stop by. I am doing WW, and I blog about weight loss, but not in a tracking so much kind of way, more about what is working, what doesn't, and mostly the rest of my life trying to get healthy. Your breakfast sandwich looks YUM!

  2. Hi! I am doing WW online and saw you on Kellie's blog. I thought I would stop by and say hi!

  3. Hello! Also found my way here through your post on the 100+ WW board. I started blogging last month and have been looking for others to read. I've added you to my list! Love the photo idea. I might have to try that some week!


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