Under the Lie

Yes, I lied!

On my Driver's License.

When I got a new license after was married, I was completely honest and gave my real weight. Not ideal but not humiliating though. My little girl was born 2 years later. About 4 months after she was born, my license expired and I had to go in to renew it. I went up the counter and the clerk asked if any of the information had changed. I said no, everything was still the same. She said "Everything?" which made me come clean.

"Well my weight is higher." I admitted and gave her a new weight, 60 pounds higher than was on my old license. She changed it on my license. I was never going to admit that I was actually 20 lbs higher than the new weight I had given her. I had put on weight some weight before getting pregnant and then put on a ton of weight while I was pregnant and didn't lose any of it since having the baby. I was totally mortified by the whole sittuation.

The other day, I was looking at my IDs and remembering that horrible moment. I looked at the weight on my license and realized that I am at least 5 lbs under that weight. It was a relief and felt that the weight of that lie was lifted.

The picture on that ID is horrible. I hate it! I will definately be replacing that ID. I think that as soon as I get to the weight I was when I was married I am heading to the DMV as a reward. Yes, I think that going to the DMV will actually be a reward.

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