Every Bite Challenge - Day 3

My creation

1. Big Bowl Cereal with Strawberry Puree (5)
2. Chef Salad - Turkey, Ham, Cheese, Corn, Mushrooms, Carrots, Eggs, Lettuce & Ranch (9)
3. The WW Chick's Chocolate Fiber One No Bakes with Skim Milk (5)
4. Spinach Stuffed Shells, Oilve Oil Garlic Toast & Green Salad with Italian (8)
5. Crystal Light Slushie (1)
6. Late Night Garlic Hummus and High Fiber Garden Vegetable Wheat Thins (4)

Total - 32

Right on Target for points yesterday! Yeah! Also, I didn't feel like I was filling up on junk just to reach my points. I also met my GHG's for the day.

I am loving being back in the kitchen. The shells turned out pretty good. A little heavy on the spinach for me but my husband LOVED them. I had about a dozen cooked shells left over and didn't want to waste them so late last night I made up some pizza-like filling and froze them individually without sauce for a future meal. I will have to post the recipe if they turn out to be any good. I am kind of betting on it because they smelled delicious!

Also, I am having a problem with twitpic It says that I have exceeded my limit but I can't find anywhere that says what the limit is. It is totally frustrating me so posts on the side might be hit and miss for now but everything will be in the daily challenge post. If any of you know anything about this please let me know.

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