"Honey, How Much Should I Weigh?"

The past few weeks my husband has started losing some weight. yes, with weight watchers but he doesn't have the patience for points and such. Before I met him he lost weighgt with Jenny Craig eating pre-packaged meals. That is more his style. He gets 31 points a day. I pack around 15 for his lunch and then dinner is usually around 10. That leaves him 5 or 6 for a snack after woork and some sort of small treat in the evening. It seems to be working for him. He has lost 17 lbs and is thrilled with the results.

Where I am going with all this is that tonight we were watching a show oin TV together and a new Ask.com commercial. I have been searching the web for it with no luck. I am going to keep looking for it.

It goes something like this:

Man standing on a scale.
Husband: "Honey, how much should I weigh?"
Wife: 170
Husband: "Well I'm about 20 lbs over that."
Wife: "Well whose fault is that?"
Husband: "Yours and your mexican bean dip."

This is us and we could see it and it had us in stitches. We had to rewind it several times and each time was funnier than the last.

I know that the husband is not learning the principles in counting points and the skills to do it long term which frustrates me. The redeeming fact is that I do pack him a lunch and cook dinner every day and as long as he controls his snacks he should be able to maintain.


  1. I can so relate to this!

    I finally had to tell hubby if he wants to follow ww he has to learn the system for him self. Figure the points and so on. I have given him full use of all my materials. I need and will only focus on me, if he would like to join in the weight loss he will need to take responsibility for himself, just like me.

    It is hard being the woman, the food preparer and so on but there are many examples of men out there that are doing just that, they want to and that for all of us is truly the key.

    I hope you both are able to find a happy balance with it, and I would love to see this commercial too, because that is us too and we do find humor in it all now, but was a bit rocky for a little while.

    The best to you and your hubby! :)

  2. We have had those Rocky times too. Things get tense when I want him to count and understand. We both get so frustrated.

    I have come to accpt the role I play in his eating habbits. I really do all of the cooking and he eats what I put in front of him. I wasn't putting very good choices on the table, lots of fats and calories. i was also preparing more servings than we needed which contributed to him overeating. Now, I just prepare the amount we need and if I make more I package it up for lunches later.

    He also doesn't have much to lose. He is in the military and has to keep his weight in check for work. He broke his arm last summer and went higher than he every had. He is back where he was before the broken arm and just has a little left to lose.

    You will LOVE the commercial!


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