Tootsie Pop

I am a candy-holic.

I am sure that that is a big reason that I am where I am today.

The husband has a sweettooth too and so there is usually some sort of treat laying around. Usually, something not very good for you but rather tasty like the fudge or ice cream that is in my freezer, both homemade. Or the giant bag of green M&Ms or the bag of Hershey Bliss hearts that the husband brought home for me the other night. (Can you say enabler? Don't worry I haven't touched either of them.)

Well these are my newest sweet of choice. It helps me skip over all those other treats to have something to reach for when a candy craving is coming on.

The Tootsie Pop. WW Online tipped me off to these. 1 pt each and I can make last quite a long time. Fruity on the outside and chocolatey on the inside. They have a new watermelon flavor that is quite tasty too. I only allow myself one a day at most, but to be honest here, I think I had a day where 2 were necessary. I usually save myself a point each day so I can have one in the evening.

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