Weighing and BC

-2.7 lbs! 18.3 total!

I feel relieved that the scale is down. I was worried that it would stay the same. I need to trust the program more. I stayed mostly within my points and only used 14 of my WPA, a few each day.

Last week really threw me off. When I was doing WW before, I lost every week for the first 3 months. To gain on the 4th week was hard for me.

I also need to stay away from the scale. My weight fluctuates a lot during the week and after being up .7 last Friday, by Monday I was down to even 19.1 lbs total loss. I was so excited. The next day it jumped up and them jumped again the day after that. It makes me feel like I am gaining weight and makes me forget that I am really making progress. I only remember the progress when I track my weight and see that I am actually down for the week.

Also, I started using a new birth control this week. One of the side effects is weight gain. UGH! I am hoping to avoid this side effect. One encouraging thing is that when I was on birth control before having kids, I felt that it actually helped me lose weight. I am hoping this time is the same even though it is different birth control. Who knows?

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