My Fridge

Well it is not perfectly clean, I try hard to keep it organized. I HATE searching for something in the fridge am everything has a spot. Over the past 6 weeks our fridge has been slowly been getting a makeover. Healthier options are moving in and the junk in being evicted. The other day when I had the camera in the kitchen I decided to I should give you a peek into our fridge. After all, isn't everbody curious what is inside another's fridge. Wasn't it the first thing you checked out when you were babysitting as a kid, even if you didn't eat anthing. Well I did! Maybe that tells you something about how long food has been an issue for me. Well I am opening the door and letting you sneak a peek.




I'll post the freezer soon. The only guilty pleasure in there is a pack of Dibbs that my husband brought home but that is a whole different post.

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  1. FRIDGE P0RN!!! I love it

    THanks for stopping in - I'm looking forward to your posts. Cheers


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