Lately I've Heard...

...two things that have stuck with me.

Somewhere I saw an interview of someone that had lost a lot of weight. I think that it was on Discovery Channel's show "I Lost It!" The woman they were interviewing said that she always refers to "getting rid" of the weight instead of losing it. She said that if you lose something you usually try and find it again and she didn't ever want to find her extra pounds.

Another TV moment that I have been thinking about was on Biggest Loser this past week. Forgive me because while I enjoy the show, I am not routing for one person over another and I couldn't even tell you the players names. We usually TiVo it and watch bits and pieces because it is on right when we have to get the kids to bed. This past week Jillian, was talking to one of the contestants and having her repeat mantras to focus her on her weight loss goals. One of the things that she said was something to the effect of "I love myself more than I love food." It made me think, do I love myself more than I love food? I am still not sure on the answer to that. I think that is where some of my issues come from. I think that is where a lot of people's issues come from. I know that through work on my self image, I will be able to know that I love myself more than I love food. It is kind of sad to think that is where I am but encouraging that I can see past it and know I can overcome it.

What things have your heard that have stuck wiht you or keep you going?

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