The Little Orange Monster

I swear that little orange monster was hanging around. You know the one from the WW commercials.

I was so hungry all day. I kept revisiting the cupboards and the fridge hoping to find something satisfying. I can't say that I did. I munched on a banana, a couple sticks of string cheese, some pretzels, grapes, a sucker, ritz, cereal, and a granola bar. Yes, all of that. By some miracle, I only ended up over a few points today and had plenty to spare for my WPA.

What gives? This is the first time that I have been really hungry since restarting WW.

Let's pray it is a my metabolism revving up but more likely it was a little hunger and a lot of boredom.

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  1. Katia saw the Hungry monster and said "go back to that guy!" so I did and told her who he was and she said "He wants pizza"


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