Every Bite Challenge - Day 2

My creation

1. Big Bowl Cereal with Skim Milk and Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup (5)
2. Gum (0)
3. Pretzels with Mustard (2) Not very hungry, just more snacky!
4. Homemade Garlic Hummus (I will be posting this recipe soon.), Flatout Triangles & Sonic Diet Cherry Limeade (4) My husband brought the drink home. Good thing it was diet!
5. Black Bean Burger with Guac on a Whole Wheat Sugar Free Bun, Seasoned Baked Potato Wedges & Large Salad with Ranch Spritzer (11) I have the burger and potato recipes ready to go so look for those in the next few days.
6. Chocolate Black Raspberry Ice Cream Bar (2)

Total - 24

My daily allowance is 32 so as you can see I was under my points for the day. (Not purposely!) I got a late start for the day and didn't get to breakfast until 11 am so it was pretty much lunch. On top of that I was hardly hungry at all. I think I am coming down with something. everyone else in the house was sick this past week so unfortunately think it is my turn. Also, I didn't have enough vegetables. I should have eaten carrots with the hummus and some fruit with breakfast. When I have extra points like this I sometimes make bad choices.

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  1. Great pictures, interesting food choices. Best wishes to you.


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