Every Bite Challenge - Jumpstart

I know the challenge officially starts Wednesday but I thought that I would get a day under my belt before it started. It is good to see exactly what you are eating. Here is what was on the menu.


1. Apple Crisp Oatmeal, Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk, & Gummivites (5.5)
2. Turkey & Cheese Bagel Sandwich, Pretzels & Banana (7)
3. Kashi Dark Chocolate Coconut Bar (2)
4. BBQ Chicken Sandwich, Baked Potato Wedges & Salad with Ranch Spritzer (9)
5. Blue Bunny Chocolate Black Raspberry Ice Cream Bar (2)

Total - 26

Breakfast was very filling. I need to post that recipe on Eating Fine. I used to always eat bagel sandwiches in college, grated they were the ones on a giant full calorie bagel but this Western Alternative Bagel was a great swap. I also ended up dipping the pretzels in mustard and it was so yummy. I was out most of the day running errands and so started making dinner late. The Kashi bar was to munch on while I was cooking so that I didn't mindlessly stuff other things into my mouth. Dinner was fabulous! The husband grilled the seasoned chicken thighs perfectly. I picked them up a few weeks ago when they were on sale for 99 cent a lb. What a steal for boneless, skinless, already seasoned chicken. We put them on whole wheat sugar free buns with veggie toppings. The potato wedges turned out great. I think it is because I tried a different way of cooking them. As soon as I get the seasoning just right on them I will post that too. The ice cream at the end of the day was just because. I wasn't really hungry but realized that I was way under my allowed 32 pts and so I decided to endulge a little.

Because I was so busy, I didn't eat enough for the day. I usually have a few other snacks throughout the day. (usually without chcoalte, but you couldn't tell from this!) Wednesday is going to be a busy day too and so I need to remember to eat enough. I have found eating too little really stunts my losses. Also, we have a dinner at the church. I am helping plan it so I know the menu; however, there is a potluck dessert bar. My neighbor gave me the recipe for what she is bringing, taffy apple tartlets. It had the nutritionals on it and it is 2 pts for one. I think i will stick with having that for dessert.

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