Another Week Down

Some thoughts before I post my loss.

I feel that the routine is turning into a habit. Does that make sense? In the beginning, I felt as if it took a lot of planning to make sure that points were counted and meals were ready. Then if became more of a routine. Easier to plan and track. Still took time, but I was used to doing it. Just the past couple of days, it seems to come more natural. Almost like I have always done it. I know that is not the case because the mirror reminds me that it wasn't always this way. It kind of getting hard for me to understand why I haven't always done this because it makes so much sense and while not easy, very doable. I think this is all a good thing, but I also need to remember not to get complacent.

This week was a good week. I was kind of expecting to be static because I hadn't really flutuated much all week. (Daily scale obsession!) It was nice to jump on the scale this morning and see a lower number than has appeared since the baby boy was born. Down 1.6. I was so excited that I ran down and logged it in right away. Here is my progress chart to date.

I know that I have mentioned it before, but I am not losing as fast as I anticipated, but I am strangly not disappointed. This time I think I am doing a better job at seeing the big picture and don't have goals that the weight will all be gone in a year. I am aiming for 2 years. Seems really doable and maybe it is because I am getting older , but 2 years doesn't seem all that far away. My little girl tunred two last week and it has helped put perspective on things.

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  1. You know you just said what i feel. Even at the very slow rate that i'm getting to goal i'm not disappointed in fact i too am enjoying this journey and i do believe you have to come to enjoy it because you do have to keep eating after you've lost it all.
    Your rocking it :)


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