On The Prowl

Yesterday, I was on the hunt for a snack. I didn't know what. I knew I wanted something sweet but I didn't know what. I was more munchy than anything, not necessarily hungry. I started openning the cabinets, checking the fridge, and peeking in the pantry over and over again. I thought most of the junk was out of the house, but soon realized there is still quite a few things that are in the house that I should not be tempted with.

Case and point:
My creation
1. Fruit snacks, my weakness 2. Dibbs left over from cub scouts and homemade fudge from Christmas 3. An openned bag of mint chocolate chips. If they were unopenned I could totally resist them 4. M&Ms my husband brought home the day after we talked about not having candy around the house because that is all the little girl ever wants. 5. Girl Scout cookies that my husband bought. I told him to only buy a box or two if he thought he really wanted them that bad. I packed them in snack bags, 3 pts for 2 cookies. Yikes. I am just glad they are not Thin Mints or I would never be able to resist.

After seeing these things I decided that instead of focusing on what I couldn't eat, instead I should look for some alternatives that I had lying around. This is what I came up with:

My creation
1. Frozen gogurts, like a popcicle 2. Frozen Grapes 3. Banana Pops - bananas on a stick with sf syrup and granola 4. WW Chocolate Shakes 5. diet cocoa - great when made with milk 6. Air-popped Popcorn 7. Meringues - 12 for 2 pts 8. Pretzels - portioned into 1 oz bags 9. Fiber One Bars - my favorite for a chocolate fix

These pictures will be a great reminder to think of these healthier alternatives and hopfully keep me away from the homemade fudge at the back of my feezer.

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