6 Weeks In

I just looked at the calendar. I'm 6 weeks in.

Looking back.....

In the last six weeks I have:
Successfully stayed on WW.
Done it all online.
Motivated my husband to join me.
(He's lost 12 lbs in the past 4 weeks.)
Looked towards the future.
Not become overwhelmed with all that is in front of me.
Started running, well jogging, but that is a great feat!
Got rid of 20.8 lbs!

Yes, I passed the 20 mark. I am so happy to pass that hurdle. My 10% is just around the corner. In the next few weeks I am sure I will be there. I am down 2.5 this past week. More than I thought I would be. I was very excited. The weight is coming off slower this time than last but I am strangely not too bothered by that. I look ahead at the calendar and make very conservative estimates on where I will be by the time visitors come, summer is here, my son turns one, next Christmas, next time this year and beyond. I have decided that my goal is Christmas 2010 be at lifetime. I know that is a ways off but I also feel like once I am committed to the lifestyle and not a diet that will sneak up on my because it will be a part of life and not a drag of a diet.

I have also been cooking up a storm and experimenting in the kitchen. I have a ton to post on Eating Fine. I have been taking pictures so you can have more of an idea what things look like. I know I prefer pictures when I am looking at recipes. Here are a few to peak your interest.

My creation

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