Social Binging?

So two days, two luncheons and too much food.

Granted I have only gone over around 4 points each day (I have plenty of WPAs) but that it with a really light breakfast and dinner. Tonight I had a tiny tiny steak and a huge salad with spritzer because I was already at 30 pts for the day. Not fun, luckily I haven't been that hungry.

I am sure it is better for me if I eat the majority of my points for breakfast and lunch, but I have always been a big dinner kind of gal. It is strange to be keeping it so light.

Back to the luncheons. The food was delicious and both had healthy options. Day 1 I couldn't pass on the cornbread. A friend made it and she has the best recipe. I started with one slice to share with my little girl. That turned into another and I almost reached for a 3rd. It was so delicious!

Today, the luncheon was at the home of the girl who made the cornbread the day before. She knows that I am doing WW and is supportive. She had build your own sandwiches with fresh veggies from her garden. So wonderful. Almost makers me want to do a garden. Yes, almost. She had the most delicious fresh fruit salad. It had giant sweet strawberries, madarin orangesm kiwi and blueberries. However, she almost made my favorite spinach dip. She said that I was the reason she made it. She knew I loved it. I had a serving of that with some corn chips. She also always serves cheese and crackers. I usually go overboard but today I limited it to 1 slice of cheese and 2 crackers. I had about a cup of the fruit salad and a turkey and ham sandwich on a wheat chabata roll. Passed on the mayo but couldn't resist the munster cheese. That is something that I never splurge on for us. To top it off she had both lemon and chocolate cupcakes. I had a bite of my daughter's chocolate cupcake and a lemon one myself. I need to be better about not picking of my little girls plate. It adds up!

Well for all that above, I figure it was 24 pts. I am still thinking about how delicious it all was and how much I ate. It seems that I when it comes to social situations, I really overdo it. I have a hard time stopping. Home, that usually isn't as much of a problem. Tell me, why do I find it acceptable to socially binge?

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