Getting Off the Irk

So despite posting that I was over the gain this week, I have to come clean and admit that it actually irks me a bit. It has really motivated me to go the extra mile this week. I really hope that it will pay off.

What am I doing? Much more fruits and vegetables and less bread and chocolate. So far I have been doing it and it feels good.

I know I said that I would continue photo tracking, but I haven't been doing it fully. I have been taking pictures but not uploading them. I am doing a good job tracking without the photos so I am OK with it. I really love the WW etools tracker. I think that I will pic some of the best pictures once a week a post a collage.

I posted a new recipe on Eating Fine, Peach Pie Smoothie. It is something that I saw on Food Network. I also uploaded a bunch of other pictures of recent kitchen creations so hopefully I will get a few more posts up this week.

I have been spending a lot of time looking at all of your blogs. There is some great stuff out there, good thoughts and awesome recipes. Thanks for all the inspiration.

One person that I find myself really relating to lately is Roni. Oh how I love her and all that she has to share. I put her Ask Roni's on in the background to listen to when I am on the computer. This one is especially good. I loved all that she had to say about the slump and diet anxiety. I have totally been there. If you have a chance, listen to it.

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  1. It's okay to let it bug you, in fact, it's good that it does because it will help you stay on track this week!

    You can do it!


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