Dealing for the Deal

I hate hate hate shopping for clothes, especially jeans. truth be told, I usually buy one of the first pairs that I find that fit just to have it over with. I don't worry about then being a perfect fit. I usually worry more about the price. I never want to spend to much because I am always hoping that I don't have to wear them too long, always hoping to lose weight. I usually just snag some at Target while I am picking something else up, not because I especially like Target's jeans but out of pure convenience.

If I could pick a place to buy jeans, it would probably be Lane Bryant. I like how their jeans fit and I feel like they understand larger women. I haven't bought much from there in years because I don't think I had fully come to terms with my size and not wanting to drag the kids through the mall and try things on with them in tow. However, I love a good deal and plan on braving the mall this week.

Lane Bryant is having a sale this week on their jeans. I got a flyer in the mail that was intended for the previous resident. Their "right fit" jeans that are regularly $50 are on sale for $30. What a deal. That is what I paid for the last pair at Target.

Last night, I went through the closet and assessed the jean situation. All my pregnancy jeans are finally getting too big. This includes two non-pregnancy pairs that I wore almost the entire time I was pregnant from a larger time in my life. I have two pairs that I almost fit into meaning I can zip them up but they are not flattering one bit. Still too tight. I bought a pair (Target) last week that fit right now. I have several pairs of dress pants and khakis ranging is sizes 16 - 20 from my working days. Looks like I need at least one pair my current size and one a size down. I could buy smaller but I don't know how far ahead I should buy. Any direction would be appreciated!

So if you are ready to jean shop, this might be the week to do it. That is if you shop at Lane Bryant.

Man I can't wait until I don't shop there anymore!


  1. buy for now. if you feel comfortable, and have the confidence that you look good, you will be happier = weight loss results.

  2. I agree with challais - buy for now and enjoy being able to wear jeans you like. I have 2 pairs of prepreg jeans that I'm wearing right now and I really dislike both of them. I think I also need to make a trip to the mall this week. I could kick myself for not going last week (not because the jeans would have bee on sale, but I just found a gift check for $15 off a $15 or more purchase. It expired March 6th! I feel like I just LOST $15!

  3. Anonymous10.3.09

    I too shop more for price, although as I'm shrinking, I realize how much different there is between price and a good fitting pair of pants!

    As someone who's going down sizes pretty quickly (and on a budget) - I suggest having at least one good fitting pair of jeans for right now. You can take your bigger clothes to a consignment shop to make some money back, and I also suggest going to thrift stores, if you have any in your area! I bought several pairs of Gap and CK jeans for myself - in my current size, in very good to excellent condition for under $5 a pair! Good luck - you can do this!

  4. I am currently only buying clothes at goodwill because I know I will not be in them very long and well I would rather wait to splurge on new clothes when I eventually get to goal.

    I also then do not feel bad about spending a few dollars here and there when I need a new size and I then turn around and give away or donate the clothes I am now out of. I give them away because I do not want the feeling of being comfortible in a bad week knowing I do have bigger clothes that will fit me temporarily. I am not going back here anymore.

    My last pair of jeans(and they were new still with tags on) cost me 2.50 at Good will, this to me, is how I am able to manage looking and feeling good about what I wear as I slim down, without breaking our very tight budget.

  5. I have to admit that I am really bad at thrift shopping and get easily frustrated. I know I should push through it for the deals but I am not at that place yet. Maybe I am in a fantasy land but for some reason I think that it will be easier when I am in average sizes.

    Em, don't feel bad about not using your coupon because the sale started yesterday so you couldn't have used the coupn. This way you are saving $20 instead.


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