here's to 09.

a fresh start. i needed a clean slate.

this is personal. that is a good thing. weight loss needs to be more personal for me. i am doing it for me and the ones i love. i am the only one who can do it.

there is no magic wand. i know what works and now is the time to do it. no more waiting!

to be honest, i don't have a certain number or size in mind. instead, i have a feeling in mind. this time i am not aiming for perfection, rather health. i want to feel good. not sluggish. not tired. not slow. rather, energetic, smiley and fun. i know that a lighter me would help this situation, not just physically, but emotionally.

not going to focus so much on the numbers this time. that is as long as things are going down, even if just a bit.

so, the format? simple. feelings. thoughts. gripes. achievements. personal.

thinking about starting another blog for other things that i think would help others like recipes, finds, links, etc. many of your blogs have helped me. i want to do the same. will keep you posted.

i want to share that. that's why i am here. i would love support. find others here encouranging. thanks!

so cheers to the new year. cheers to all that is to come. cheers to momentum, best of both worlds. (more to come on that later.) cheers to finally feeling fine. cheers to 09!


  1. Wow... I... Don't know what to say. I'm glad you find my words encouraging and uplifting and hope that I can be helpful to you in your journey!

    Good job!

  2. Good luck! A New Year, A New Start


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