Week 3 (A Week Late)

Yes, I weighed in last Friday, but I haven't gotten around to posting until now.


4.9 lbs!


It was a great week and a great loss and I should have shared it earlier.

Now I weigh in again in the morning. I am dreading it. It has been an OK week. Nothing stellar, but alright. I stayed within my points but didn't focus as much on making sure that I am meeting the GHGs. I definately didn't drink enough water. I am pretty much counting on being up again. How do I figure? See my last post about my scale addiction.

I will keep you posted.

Also, we got the Wii Fit this week. I like it so far but will ahve to tell you the whole story. Needless to say that my sugar-loving, sweet stuffing husband started counting points this week after doing the Fit Test.

Cheers to meeting my GHGs this next week!
(Holding a big glass of H2O)

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