Surviving the Hospital

So, the plan was to blog everyday. Well plans fell through but that's OK. I am still OP and pretty proud of myself. It has been a pretty stressful week and I have avoided eating my stress away. That is a big step for me.

Tomorrow is weigh-in say for me and I am a little nervous. To be honest, I am really hoping for 3 lbs, but think it might be less. I had a HUGE loss last week and TOM is here so I kind of feel like I have those things going against me. I guess we will see.

As for the past few days and the cause of my stress, my son had surgery yesterday. We had to be there at the crack of dawn because he is a baby and can't eat before the surgery. I guess I should be glad that they got him in early. Everything turned out fine and I am so thankful for that. As for staying OP, I packed food for the 2 days I would be staying at the hospital except for dinner. My husband went and picked up Subway. It felt great to be in control and not eat myself silly through the hospital stay. My husband had two surgeries in the fall and I hit up the hospital gift shop for junk and snacked the whole time he was in surgery and then blamed it on the nerves. Even though that is exactly what the husband wanted to do, I knew better than to even take a look at the little shop's aisles of junk.

I love Subway. Really, it's nothing more than a sandwich but I always know that I kind get something that isn't going to blow my day. Yesterday, I decided to leave off my usual light mayo and cheese and save myself the points. I added a splash of vinegar to give the sandwich some moisture. It was tangy and delicious and made me realize that I don't really need the mayo. I think that the 6 in turkey was only 5 points.

Tonight a friend from church is bringing us dinner. I am thankful to have people that are willing to serve our little family. However, I feel a little out of control of the situation. I think that she is bringing lasagne (8pts) and garlic or cheese bread (4 pts). Not great point options but delicious nevertheless. I have been careful all day planning around it. I am going to have a piece of lasagne and a small slice of bread and really fill up on salad (0-1 pt). Just pray is comes undressed or I will be making my own.

Cheers to:
1. Having baby boy make it safely through surgery
2. Making it through week 2 eating clean
3. Subway!

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