A Weighty Issue

All scales are different. That is why I weigh on the same scale everytime.

The problem is...

if it is a problem...

I weigh everyday.

I have been getting mixed messages.

I have heard to only weigh yourself once a week. Reason being what? To not get frustrated by the daily fluctuations of the number on the display? I have to admit that I am overjoyed when the number is lower than I expect but then frustrated when it is up a little the next day. I also find myself wanting to record my lowest weight for the week rather than my weight Friday mornings. If I did I would be down 14.2 rather than 11.4.

I have seen that many weigh everyday. These are mostly people in maintenance and do it just to stay in check. But shouldn't I be making habits now that I will keep for the long run? It also is a good reminder for me to stay on track for the day so that I could possibly see a lower number the next day.

While I am pondering the scale I have to admit that most nights I hop on it before bed. More out of curiosity than record. Maybe it is a sick obsession. Not necessarily with the number on the scale but rather the difference between night and morning. How much do I lose when I sleep? Or is it the 2 times that I get up to pee that make the diffence. It is usually around 3 lbs. On a day when I am especially obsessed, I might even venture a trip to the scale before and after a meal or trip to the bathroom. I know, strange.

Now that this is out I realize that I need to....


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  1. I tend to weigh myself everyday, too. I shouldn't because I get very disappointed if I see a gain when I've been sticking to my plan and exercising. Just too fragile in the beginning stages! LOL

    Thanks for the nice comments at my blog. It's nice to meet ya! :)


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